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About Project

On July 8th 2022 a social project was launched to support small and medium businesses and entrepreneurship in Kvareli. The goal of the project is to help local entrepreneurs to organize, manage and properly develop their business processes in the light of the post-pandemic and the crisis caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The project includes 3 components: awareness, informing and sharing. It’s focused on raising awareness among local entrepreneurs about business processes, getting the information needed to develop their activities and helping to raise the qualifications of staff.

Grant projects are one of the important directions of the project. TMC’s consulting group offers assistance to local entrepreneurs in drawing up business plans and obtaining grants or financing, creating additional opportunities in the region. In addition, within the framework of the project, a series of free training will be held until September 1st, where entrepreneurs will receive useful and practical advice on relevant topics. Within the project, local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to receive free, qualified consultations on accounting, tax, legal, management, and other important and necessary issues for them.

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The project involves raising awareness among local entrepreneurs about tax, accounting, legal and other legislative processes.


The project provides free consultations for entrepreneurs to determine their needs that are important for the proper management of the activity


The project promotes the sharing of professional experience and raising the qualification of the local staff


The project started on July, 8th and continues until September 1st

  • You will be able to correctly assess, analyze and minimize risks related to business processes
  • You will receive free consultations and advices from professionals, which will help you to run your business correctly
  • You’ll have qualified staff, which is important to keep your business fully compliant with the law
Is it free to get a consultation?

During the project, general consultations are provided free of charge