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Member of the GGI Global Alliance AG

TMC has been a member of the largest umbrella organization, the GGI Geneva Global Alliance AG since 2013. GGI is an alliance of, professional, accounting, legal, and consulting firms that brings together international, independent consulting firms and their team members in all major country practice areas. Alliance membership gives us the advantage of finding a quick and easy solution to any financial, legal or economic issues for your business. GGI brings together international, independent consulting firms and their talented professionals in all major countries and practice areas. A global alliance of experienced accounting, consulting and legal companies provide customers with professional solutions for their international business requirements. To achieve this companies need access to professionals and experts in every country. Thanks to the international alliance of the Geneva Group, it has become possible for businesses worldwide to find informed decisions on any financial, legal or economic issue.

GGI was founded in 1995 and is represented by 566 member companies and 771 offices in 123 countries around the world. According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, GGI ranks first in the world as the largest multidisciplinary association of professionals and ranks 6th among the world’s top 25 networks and associations.


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