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Service PRIME – Personal financial service

PRIME is the premium service package with which we provide business owners exclusive financial and legal services.
Each Prime client gets a personal manager’s service, which provides them with flexible, effective, and comfortable services according to their business goals and needs. The personal manager helps PRIME users to get unlimited, higher qualification consultations, analyze their company’s financial condition and develop their business.

Personal PRIME Managers


Prime client’s personal manager in the accounting and tax field


Prime client’s personal manager in the accounting and tax field


Prime client’s personal manager in the legal field

What does PRIME service include?

Personal Manager service

You receive the personal manager's service in the accounting, tax, or legal services field. Personal managers care about getting all your necessities without barriers according to your business goals.

Unlimited consultations

Personal managers provide you with unlimited, professional consultations which help you to plan your goals in the correct way and develop your business.

Analytics and Reporting

personal managers prepare monthly reports and present you with quarterly analytics about your business. That helps you rate your business development process widely, discover any issues and plan new steps according to your current position.

Effective coordination

Personal managers provide efficient and quick coordination with involved parties, which helps you reduce your time and other resources.

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