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Make an accounting

The main service of our company is accounting service. You can devote more time to your core business and do not think about accounting, because we give you a guarantee that your financial statements will be in accordance with international financial reporting standards as well as with georgian legislation.
As you know, tax reporting is a responsibility of company’s management, but not accountant. We can take this responsibility instead of you and give you the guarantee that all damages fault of our employees will be paid.

Accounting industry includes:

Accounting policy formation;
Application of the rotation system for the interests of the company;
Drawing up primary documents and record and store properly, using the program;
Drafting and submission of tax declarations bodies according to types of taxes;
Employees' salary calculation on the basis of documents and information provided by you;
Connection of reports and comparative acts with tax authorities;
Consultations on accounting and tax accounting, taxation and budget and accounting issues, taking into account the legislation;

Introduction of accounting system

Accounting system consists of a complex of measures, including: the definition of long-term accounting policies, accounting forms and technical introduction, the structural formation of the accounting department, the development and application of a rotational system and etc.
Introduction of accounting system is inevitable in several cases:
In the event of formation a  new company and business "from scratch";
In the event of business expansion and / or restructuring;
In the event of systemic and structural optimization of business;
In the event of investment projects to launch and / or expansion.

Accounting system regulation

Accounting regulation includes complex procedures of bringing in order  the primary documents of economic operations, handling, accounting and tax accounting registers of the company's past and current period.
Settlement accounting measures are :
The selection of primary documents for accounting regulation;
Prepare missing documents with accountants of the company;
Creating accounting registers;
The formation of  system by means of contemporary accounting programs, in accordance with legislation, regulations and financial results bearing in mind;
Creating an tax programs in the accounting system by automatic formation of tax registers, declarations to be automatically filled in compare with tax code;
Clarification of tax returns, based on the registers resulted from settlement procedures;


Statement is a data system of company’s property and its financial condition and economic activity, which is compiled based on data from the accounting requirements of the legislation.
TMC offers you  following services about reports preparation and submission:
Income tax, VAT, The income and property tax declaration and submission;
Annual income tax preparation and submission of the declaration for physical individuals;
Return of mistakenly paid and/or overpaid taxes (including customs) and / or compilation and submission of other reports and correspondence, other taxes to be included in the report.