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Legal services

We specialize in almost all areas of business and commercial law. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of Georgian and international law as well as understanding of business climate in Georgia. Legal services are offered in the following fields:

Corporate Law and Business Transactions

TMC assists clients in structuring and formation of corporate entities through providing legal advice and counseling on matters related to various organizational-legal forms, corporate structures, management and corporate finance systems of different forms of enterprises. We handle the registration process on all stages starting from preparation of necessary paperwork, relating with relevant authorities and private institutions, and ending with the company registration. TMC attorneys and professionals provide legal counseling, financial and technical assistance in corporate restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, takeovers, bankruptcy and liquidations.

Debt and equity investments

At different times, TMC attorneys and professionals were involved in debt & equity investment transactions through assisting clients in deal structuring, conduct of due diligence studies of the potential investees and contractual coverage of the transactions. We have followed the clients through the entire process until (when necessary) registration of relevant contracts/agreements with appropriate authorities. Unique experience of our team members enables TMC to approach matters not only from legal but also from the broader business perspective.

Securities Law & Capital Market Products

We represent financial institutions and corporate entities in connection with the issuance of different types of securities and handle securities offerings to raise equity, including share offerings, IPOs and options. We provide counseling to the management of various companies on regulatory matters and advise on ongoing compliance issues. TMC works with clients to arrange securitizations of assets. We represent interest of our clients’ in relations with the regulators and defend their rights at arbitrage and court proceedings.

Banking and Finance

TMC provides advice and counseling on legal aspects related to regulation of banking and finance sectors. We assist client in structuring and formation of banking and other financial institutions, including the process of acquisition of banking license. TMC offers services in preparation and registration (if needed) of loan & collateral agreements as well as legal documents regulating financial products.


Our unique legal and financial tax expertise enable us to provide reliable and valuable legal and financial tax advice to our clients. We are here to assist you in most optimal tax planning suited to various types of transactions. Our advice is focused around Georgian tax legislation as well as international treaties setting specific regimes to certain groups and operations. TMC helps you in relations with the relevant tax authorities and ensures protection of your interests throughout the administrative systems and courts.

Real Estate and Construction

We serve our clients in rendering legal advice on matters related to title to the estate property in general, land ownership and status reclassification issues. TMC offers assistance in real estate acquisitions & sales through conduct of due diligence of the potential property items, contractual coverage and title registration. We also specialize in construction industry and provide legal support in obtaining necessary permits for construction objects.

Energy Law

TMC advises on electricity, oil and gas regulatory matters; conducts due diligence of energy objects in Georgia; conducts due diligence studies and provides contractual coverage of energy projects.

Labor & Employment

We advise clients on matters related to legal regulation of labor relations, including to those on recruitment, management and termination of employees and contractors; assist in preparation of employment manuals, employment, freelance and service contracts. TMC also represent interests of its clients at arbitrage and court proceedings.

Intellectual Property

We provide services in trademark, copyright and patent filing/registration and advice. We can help you in registration of trademarks on the Georgian territory as well as in Madrid Convention member-states; assist in obtaining patents to different products in Georgia and Paris Convention member states. TMC represents clients’ interests in relation with relevant state and private institutions and defend their rights at arbitrage and court proceedings.

Licenses and Permits

Apart from the legal counseling, we provide assistance in obtaining licenses and permits for different activities. The latter includes preparation of necessary documentation in accordance with the Georgian law requirements, relating with the relevant authorities and monitoring the license/permit issuance process.


Our services focus around provision of legal counseling on insurance law matters; preparation of insurance policies and agreements; representation of clients’ interests at arbitrage and court proceedings.

Dispute Settlement

Our attorneys have significant experience in defending clients’ interests during arbitrage and court proceedings. We handle pre-trial stage of legal proceedings, represent your interest at arbitrage and court hearings and follow through the enforcement process..