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Geneva Group International

Training center

Registration for accounting and auditing courses continues. After completing the courses, graduates will be awarded a certificate and excellent trainees will be able to start work in TMC.



The program is designed for individuals interested in learning international accounting standards and taxation.
Trainees will have a possibility to explore the financial accounting, reporting and tax accounting principles prescribed by the Tax Code.

Computer learning course

Course includes the study of computer programs:
1. Accounting software: oris, superfin, 1c  and similar programs.
2. Microsoft office programs: Exel, Word, access, PowerPoint and similar programs.

After completing the course relevant certificate is issued.

Courses of financial and tax audit​

Courses of financial and tax audit is a special program, through which you will be able to obtain certificate of private audit, as well as practical audit professional skills.
After completing the course, graduates will be able to pass the qualification exams, which will be conducted by an appropriate accredited organization.


The practice consists of using theoretical knowledge acquired in the course  of  TMC learning centre in a real-life. During the practical course you can explore your skills and show your abilities to TMC.
Practical course may be granted for individuals, which successfully  graduated theoretical courses of TMC learning centre and passed the exam.