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Evaluation according of International Standards ISO

Evaluation is an appraiser's opinion about value as a result of analyzing.
Three methods are typically used:
• Cost Method - in which the price is calculated by deducting depreciation from improvements value and adding value of the land.
• Sales comparison method - is to assess object with a comparison of the objects sold. Comparison method is considered the best indicator in case of living space.
• Revenue method - method of calculations in accordance with revenue  is the most relevant method when you work with object having great incomes, because this method takes in account expectations of investors about received income.

What type of values that can be measured?
Evaluation can be performed to determine: liquidation, market, insurance, tax, or other values.

​What kind of property assessment can be done?

Real Estate Valuation:
Land (the land) cottages;
Commercial real estate;
Undone construction;
Real estate rental tax;
Other real estate.
Assessment of movable property:
Cars and other vehicles;
Office equipment;
Machine tools;
Other objects that are movable property;

Why it is necessary and when is needed evaluation of the property?
In case of buying and selling;
In case of having a loan from the bank or loaded case.
In case of loss;
In cases of taxes under tax low;
In case of liquidation of the business
If the disputes must be submitted to the court.
In case of insuring the property.
In case of transfer of the inheritance or gift.
In cases of  capital input and seizure from venture ;
To determine  market value of consult property and etc;

Business Valuation.
Business Valuation - is all the company's assets, real estate, machinery / equipment, securities, material inventories, investments, intangible assets and complex evaluation. In addition, the subjects of a separate assessment are past, current and future revenues, the company's efficiency, development prospects and a competitive market environment.
Evaluation of investment projects.
Such analysis of the company are rated to assecc if company has an ability to bring profit. On the basis of this study long-term investments can be made.
Damage assessment.
Your property and damage assessment by independent assessors, will help you create a solid legal claim to protect your rights and ask for compensation, restoration of damaged property (Civil Code 408 - respectively).
TMC experts will assess your property damages or lost revenues in a very short period of time, and give you appropriate evidences.