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We pay attention to the client's tax and financial problems, because each of these problems are the possible penalties, sanctions and fines. Because legal framework of Georgia is a complex and often contradictory, the client finds it difficult to make clear and reasonable decisions. Our experience of working in various sectors of the economy, customer service and teamwork enable the customer to take often extraordinary, but well-reasoned decision.


Market and competitive environment requires organizations to function effectively, the provision of financial benefits, cost optimization, creative development, which is impossible without the professional staff. In many cases, development of a company in the right direction depend on full-fledged operation of management. During completing management working conditions, staffing, compensation systems, institutions and conflicts of interest among certain point should be considered.

For developing your business in a stable and efficient way, it is important to optimize management and have minimal time and financial costs. Experienced professionals of TMC can help you in settling the issue.

Internal control system is essential to any business, in order to avoid such mistakes and problems that threaten the correct and stable development of the company (business). Our experts will help you in designing and implementing internal control mechanisms.

System structure and subordination are the most important issues in the implementation of effective management, in particular:
- It is necessary to create a unified system for management. The structure will be designed in such a way that it will avoid conflicts of interest in the structural units.
- It is also very important to strictly defined rules of subordination in order to find an effective way of sharing information, giving and making orders and supervision of works.

Short-term and long-term development Plans are necessary in any case prior to the initiation or development of a new direction. There exist a long-term and short-term development plans, which are strongly related action plans for small or large period of time, accompanied by other types of marketing research, and financial analysis of the costs confirming the possibility of making a profit and achieving goals. It is very important that after making such document, partners discuss it’s workability and make business plan the main guideline for future performance of the company. Our  experts will help you to prepare and implement such plan.

Setting up job descriptions is essential for any small or large organization, so that all officials can have defined rights and obligations during inside or out (with third parties) relations, in order to avoid intervention of one employee to another’s functions and violation of the company's image in relations with third parties. Our  experts will help make abovementioned instructions.

Management training is a good way to give an information about contemporary systems and control mechanism to different types of managers and make their activities more efficient and flexible. We can provide such trainings share our international experience with you.


It is necessary to determine the tax risk and responsibilities from the outset avoid possible fines, penalties and other sanctions. Our tax experts will provide the determination and assessment of risks.

The introduction of tax system can be made with respect tax code. The system provides combination of events tax liabilities to be determined  timely. TMC will help you create an effective system in order to avoid misunderstandings with tax authorities.

Optimization of taxes includes making industrial activities’ accounting, double taxation, overpayment or earlier/later payments to be excluded. As a result of tax optimization, you will pay minimum amount of state taxes, as provided by Tax Code.

It is necessary to make a system in compliance with the tax code to ensure that you don’t encounter problems with tax authorities and tax calculations and payments to be made I accordance with Tax Code. Solving such issues is important to avoid further problems and misunderstandings.

We are ready to help you bring your tax payment system with the perfection of the legislation.