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Audit Service

Audit of Financial Statements

International Financial Reporting Standards is suitable for any trade, industrial and other commercial companies (including banks and insurance companies) to draw up the financial statements, regardless of their activities, sectoral affiliation and legal form. This report focuses on information needs the financial reporting of a broad community of users (shareholders, creditors, founders, hired employees etc.)

Through the audit it is possible to ascertain if company's financial statements are in compliance with international standards of financial accounting and this audit process includes control of the company's financial position (balance sheet), activity results (profit - loss), cash flows and changes in equity accounts.
As a result of audit inspection:
You will receive the audit report, that will increases the reliability of financial reporting for many customers, analyze the company's actual financial condition, activity results (profit - loss) and cash flows. Also you will receive a detailed report – how to eliminate gross violations and recommendations how to improve internal control system of the firm.

The financial statements prepared in accordance with international accounting standards are transparent and informative for foreign investors, and foreign investors and opens the way for Georgian companies in the international market.

Tax Audit

Tax audit - is a controlling process of accounting and tax accounting. As a result of tax audit  it is possible to evaluate and minimize tax risks of the company.  During the process of audit every taxation base is verified,  tax  accounting  control is made for complex  and individual taxes:
Verifiable audit process for each kind of tax in the tax base, the tax accounting and tax accounting audit, as complex, as well as separate taxes:

Income tax;
Profit  tax;
Value-added tax;
Excise tax;
Property tax;
Customs taxes and fees;

The audit process is to gather and analyze information about the taxpayer's abilitys  in terms of taxation. The audit allows us to objectively evaluate a company's financial accounting, tax payment and calculation accuracy. During the audit, we'll offer you free advice on matters of taxation.

As a result of the audit, you will receive:
Audit report;
The detailed report about violations and recommendations for their elimination, as well as recommendations for improving the internal control figures.